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BM MTB Carnival 2011 Itinerary
16th OCT 2011

6:30am until 7:15am start Registration 
8:00am Sharp!!flag off


6:30 AM All Rider May start take the STARTING STICKERS at starting point.

7:15 AM V.I.P Arrive

7:25AM Opening Ceremony Start with Malay Dance, India Dance & Chinese Lion & Dragon Show

7:35AM Y.B Speech.

7:45AM Kids coloring contest registation at Coloring canopy by YMM (青运)

7:50AM Group Photo - VIP,Guest,Marshal, All Rider
Sport car driver will guide by model to car stanby at starting point, all rider standby. 6 Lion will pass FIRE TORCH to 6 LP Female Member to handover to the 6 VIP, than 2 model will light on the fire on Torch.Afterward, all 6 VIP will together put on the FIRE TORCH at the FIRE POT. The FIREWORKS will pop up and the same time LP Flag will flag off to start the ride.

8:00AM All Rider will follow the sport car guide until main road traffic light, Rider only allow cut over the sport car.all the main road Will start with Traffic car, Photography & Video car, 4 Sport Car & Rider.

8:15AM Guide the V.I.P. surrounding coloring site and canopy shop, souvenir will hand over to V.I.P.

8:30AM Kids coloring starting

9:30AM Finish Point Rider Arrive
Top 100 Rider arrive direct give CAP by Numbering at Finish Point.
Top 1 to 500 Rider will get one Energy-saving light
All Finisher will get LP MTB Club limited edition CUP.
 Ranking record Men Top 10 & Women Top 5 Ranking record Top 100

10:00AM All Rider finish ride have collect all 6 Sticker (4 Check point and 2 starting/ finish point) may claim they CUP at VALKSWAGEN CENTER.
FRIENDLY REMINDER For Rider : Only bring the number plate for claim the cup & cutting for LUCKY DRAW and FOOD VOUCHER at VALKSWAGEN CENTER.

10:00AM Food Corner was start, all rider may bring the food voucher for claim.

10:00AM Coloring contest finish,collect coloring & give score for coloring.

11:00AM Kids coloring contest award prizes

11:00AM  Cut off time at Check Point 4, use chicken road back to finish point, 2 MPSP lorry will stanby at FASA Hight.

12:00PM Invite FUSION EXCEL INTERNATIONAL S/B Director Mr. K.K.TAN introduce of the products

12:30PM Award for - Top 10 Men by Mr.Walter Chooi, Award for Top 5 Women by Mr Francs Ooi

12:50PM LUCKY DRAW start at Main Stage

1:30PM Good Bye and See You at 2012,  Thank you!

Important Contact Telphone no.:

LP Mountain Bike Club Chairman: Winson Lim 0125556999
BM MTB Carnival Event Chairman: Walter Chooi 0124772995
Consultant: Sim Nai Nee  012 478 1799
Marshal:   Jaymes Lee  6016 445 5888

CP 1:  Robert Choo 012-523 3921
CP 2:  Arnold Soon 012-492 1361 
CP 3:  Loo Ming Teik 6012 422 4888 
CP 3:  (SOS) Sk Tan (Bike) 019-511 3535  
CP 4:  Ooi Sin Boon 012-480 1130 
CP 5:  Ooi Chee Hoe  012-474 6711 
CP 5   Siang Mini  012-473 8287  

Red Cross CP4:  Yew 012 597 5468
Red Cross Run Site: 
Yew 014 340 5070
Event Stage  Team:  Eow Fong 012 437 2288
Parking Team / Food:   Lee Jun Hui (4x2) 012-499 5093
Register Team:   Lynn Lee 012 4801952
PhotoGrapher:   Loo Boon Kiang  012 475 9450
MC:   Lau Wei Soon 012 555 2219
MC:  Faz Harris 012 408 8624
Website and Facebook update: Bernard Lim 0195516161

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