Saturday, 28 May 2011
Introduction: The history of LP (Love Pedalling)
The Club was officailly registered on 3 Sept 2008.

Back in Year 2003 there were a group of Mountain Bikers From BM and Butterworth riding for fun around BM hill every weekend.

During one of the ride, Mr Walter Chooi has come out with an idea to form a Mountain Bike Club. The  idea was supported from all riders.

The first meeting was held at Raja Uda Take2 cafe and that was how Penang LP Mountain Bike Sport Club was born. "LP" means LOVE PEDALLING. from there onward many activities has been Participate by the Club.

From the beginning with only 6 members and until today its grow up to 80 member. now a day had more then 3000 people are participate our club cycling event. some also from oversea.

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